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About Accounting Campus:

Accounting Campus have only one motto and that is to equip people with knowledge that will ensure that they can excel and perform better in the workplace. Accounting Campus was established in 1996. We have Accounting and Payroll subject matter experts that are able to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to Students. We will help you to become the Accounting and Payroll expert your company need.

Why choose Accounting Campus

5 reasons why you should choose Accounting Campus

  • You can be assured of a high-quality learning experience
  • We offer flexible study options
  • You can study at your own pace
  • You can achieve qualifications quickly
  • Our Sage Pastel qualifications are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

High Quality Learning Experience

At Accounting Campus, we do the following to ensure students have a quality learning experience:

  • Smaller classes, facilitator/student ratio means time can be spend on individual students
  • Employ only qualified tutors regarded as subject matter experts
  • We use the latest technology available
  • Tutors support current businesses and therefore has the much-needed practical experience

Flexible Study options

Students can choose between:

  • Formal Tutor led class room based learning
  • Full Time (every day for duration of the course)
  • Part Time (Saturdays)
  • Self-study learning
  • Distance learning

Achieve Qualifications Quickly

The Sage Pastel Accounting and Payroll qualifications can be achieved quickly (within a few weeks). This can allow students to enter the work environment earlier and will make students more employable.

Qualifications are Registered on the National Qualifications Framework

Candidates who attend the Sage Pastel Accounting and Payroll courses will complete the Unit Standard Formative Assessments.

See Courses below



Sage Pastel Accounting Intermediate (NQF 4 Accredited)

This course covers every step-in business, from Quotation stage, Customers, Stock, Suppliers, VAT, Cashbooks and goes right through to Balance sheet.

Course outline:

Installing and Setting Up Pastel; Creating Masterfile Accounts; Processing; Printing reports; Creating a New Company; Housekeeping

Not Included in this course, but can be done separately - Additional modules like:

Bill of Materials, Multi Currency, Multi Warehousing, Serial Number Tracking, Point of Sale, Cash Manager, Import-export


Sage Pastel Accounting Intermediate Bridging (Workshop)

Get your previous certification updated! This course covers changes in Sage Pastel and allows you to take the latest up to date exam. (NQF 4 Accredited)

Sage Pastel Payroll (PCA) (NOF 5 Accredited)

By completing our five-day Sage Pastel Payroll training course and obtaining the Sage Pastel Payroll Administrator Certification, you will have all the knowledge and skills you need to process your payroll effectively and efficiently. A very sought-after qualification.

Course Outline:

Module 1: The ins and outs of legislation – 1 day

Module 2: Mastering employees’ tax principles and calculations – 2 days

Module 3: Sage Pastel Payroll PRO – 2 days


Basic Windows, Word, Outlook

If you have not really worked on a computer, and need the basic skills, this course runs over 5 weeks and will get you very employable.

Course Outline:

Computers, Basic Windows, Word and Outlook

Basic Windows, Word, Excel

If you have been working on a computer, but need more in-depth knowledge, this 3-day course will make you much more productive

Course Outline:

Basic Windows, Word and Excel

Working with files (copy paste, find, etc.); Accessories; Manipulating text; Creating Excel Spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel Intermediate (Workshop)

Create more complex Excel spreadsheets

Course Outline:

Formatting, Data Manipulation, Workbook Manipulation, Printing, Formulas and Functions

Microsoft Excel Advanced (Workshop)

Create even more complex Excel spreadsheets

Course Outline:

Tables, PivotTable, Formulas and Functions, Continue to Apply Data Validation



Course name

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What you must have prior to the course:




Must be Windows Literate

Basic understanding of bookkeeping


Sage Pastel Accounting-Intermediate (Full time)



Florida park/ Pretoria North/ Gallo Manor

Sage Pastel Accounting -Intermediate (Part Time-Saturdays)



Florida Park

Sage Pastel Accounting -Intermediate (Self- Study or Distance Learning)



Self-Study or Distance Learning


Workshops: Pastel Accounting


Must have Pastel Accounting Intermediate level knowledge


Bridging (update your old qualification to latest version), Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, Banks/cashbooks, Multi stores, BOM, POS, Intelligence reporting

Duration 2 hours ea


Florida Park




Must be Windows Literate.

Minimum Gr 10 Maths

Good payroll knowledge


Sage Pastel Payroll-

Module 1 and 2 (full time)



Florida Park/ Gallo Manor/ Centurion

Sage Pastel Payroll-

Module 1 / 2 / 3 (Self -Study)




Sage Pastel Payroll-

Module 3 (Full time)



Florida Park



Must be Windows Literate.

Basic understanding of bookkeeping


Sage Business Cloud Accounting & Payroll Practitioner

(Full Time)



Florida Park /  Gallo Manor

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Practitioner









Basic Windows, Word, Outlook (course runs over 5 weeks)

Mod 1a &1b: Computer & MS Windows

Mod 2a: Intro to MS Word

Mod 2b: Intro to MS Outlook


Must be literate (Gr 12). No computer knowledge required.

Florida Park

Basic Windows, Word, Excel (3 days)

Mod 1: MS Windows

Mod 2: Intro to MS Word

Mod 3: Intro to MS Excel


Regularly work on a computer -Knowledge of keyboard and how to use the mouse.

Minimum Gr 12 Maths

Florida Park

MS Excel Introduction-Module 3 (Full Time)


Must have a basic understanding of computers, Windows (computer literate). Minimum Gr 12 Maths

Florida Park

MS Excel Intermediate-Module 4 (Full time)


Must have basic MS Excel knowledge (Mod 3). Minimum Gr 12 Maths

Florida Park

MS Excel Advanced -module 5 (Full time)


Must have MS Excel Intermediate

Knowledge (Mod 4). Minimum Gr 12 Maths

Florida Park


Payment Methods: EFT or Credit Card (Online payment and Budget option available if your bank allows)

Terms option - Accounting Campus:

* If a student chooses the terms option, the whole fee needs to be paid before you can commence with your studies.

Training venue contact detail:

Accounting Campus’s main venue is situated in Florida Park, Florida. The address is: 436 Ontdekkers Road, Florida Park, Florida. Contact numbers are: 011-472 4202, 011-472 3197 or email us at:

You may enrol for courses at Accounting Campus for training in:

Florida Park, Pretoria North, Centurion and Gallo Manor.

Training Booking Request

We will send the training schedule to you: please give us your details.